We use only certified Swiss wood with the label Bois Suisse (https://www.holz-bois-legno.ch/fr). This ensures the positive values of Swiss quality concerning: product characteristics, production methods, environment and general framework conditions. Hereunder (hover on image to see plank) you can find the types of we normally use. Upon request and for special projects we can use other autochthonous species. 

Taxus Baccata

Yew wood is mainly used for carving or turning, and sometimes even for making cutting tools or musical instruments. Common yew wood is more rarely used for furniture and veneers.


The white fir wood is considered heavy, durable and weather resistant. It is mainly used for interior and exterior construction and the manufacture of furniture, poles and poles and pulp. We mainly use it for prototypes.


English oak is  used to make furniture, stairs, floors or noble veneers. Oak wood is hard and durable, but easy to work.


The chestnut wood has a golden and warm hue and is only weakly veined. It is a hard wood, very durable and very resistant, but easy to work


The cherry wood is very popular because of its heartwood which varies from honey yellow to greenish and darkens over time. Easy to work, this fine-grained wood is not very resistant to the weather and is mainly used for interior design.


Beech trees offer a hard and flexible wood that was once very popular, especially in the toy industry. It is also used to make furniture, parquet, stairs, plywood or pulp.


Ash wood is hard and strong, but it is easy to work and particularly elastic. Thanks to these positive properties, it counts among the noble woods. It is suitable for making sports equipment such as sledges, tool handles, chipboard, but also furniture, ceilings, walls and floors.

Acer Pseudoplatanus

The sycamore maple wood is yellowish-white, hard, dense and yet elastic. It is one of the most valuable hardwoods. It is very popular with carpenters, turners and sculptors for its color and its impregnation properties.